Tom Sawyer in Hiroshima

Osamu Hunae

In 1996, he made his major debut as a vocalist of the rock band "Oysters." After a brief hiatus in 2001, he began his solo career immediately after taking a band break. His greedy nature led him to explore new frontiers in entertainment, architecture, and food in addition to music. In 2007, he founded SAMS, Inc. and became president of the company. In 2014, he debuted as a whistling artist, "Kuchibue OSA," and has been active in many commercials. He is often seen as a "wobbly guy" by those around him, but he takes his work very seriously. With his unparalleled creativity, centripetal force, and playfulness, as well as the generous support of everyone around him, he plans to fully demonstrate his versatile talents as an artist, producer, and manager. 




Work:SAMS, Inc.


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